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I am working with the local Ukrainian support group in Sutton Coldfield and would like to ask the Emmanuel Community if there are any folk who would be able to support the group's activities or sponsor a person or family, ie offer them accommodation under the government scheme,  (there is a wealth of expertise within the group to provide guidance through the processes and the inevitable bureaucracy).  
Those of us who are not sponsoring guests directly can provide support in other ways, eg helping at English lessons, writing CVS, taking to job fairs, form filling, applying for school places, helping to find more permanent accommodation & white goods, organising social events etc etc. 
It's been humbling to see how committed the local sponsors are and an eye opener to recognise how much support is needed for these displaced families who, despite it being no longer front page news, continue to seek refuge from the horrors they have experienced.
Please contact me directly if you would like any further information.
Thank you
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